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Tiles                  6X6 or 8X8                                         8X10

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Northwest Art Studio

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Painting Nature on Nature

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Mouse Pads
Other items available
Tiles can be ordered with easel backs and can be
displayed as seen here or can be hung
Custom order coasters
You can have 4 different photo's in
one set or all the same photo
custom mouse pad of panda
custom mouse pad of dog
custom mouse pad of cat
custom mouse pad of tiger
custom tile of birds
custom tile of panda
custom tile of tiger
From my photo's
or yours -
Mouse Pads

Gifts for Home & Office

Not limited to pet photos as long as it is your photo and /or you own the
copyright. Family photos, baby photos, landscapes, company logos, etc.
can be placed on these tiles, coasters & mouse pads.

Adding text, logos, etc.
If you would like text, a company logo, etc. added to the photo(s) you must
include it on the photo you submit, positioned as you wish it to appear. We
do not add anything to your photos. Please be aware that this may limit
cropping and image enhancement of the photo prior to its application on
the coaster. Leave at least a 1 inch margin on all sides of the photo to allow
for some cropping or positioning to properly fit the photo to the coaster.

How is your photo transferred to the coaster?
Using a continuous-tone output technology with inks designed for heat, the
photo is transferred by turning the ink into a gas which forms a permanent
bond to the substrates.  The result is a premium full-color,
photographic-quality image.  

Easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth.

Photo Requirements (less than 8 megabytes please)
Recommended minimum: 1600 X 1200 at 120 dpi
Optimal about 3000 X 2400 at 150 dpi
Photos will be cropped to fit if necessary

If your best photo does not meet these recommendations but you feel it
might still make an acceptable coaster image, send it in with your order.
The photo may improve somewhat with image enhancement, but a truly
blurry or out of focus photo will produce a blurry or out of focus coaster
Photo Gallery -  Click Here
These photos are just a sample of my photography.  If you have a request for a specific animal or landscape simply email your
request to me at